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best food sealer
handheld vacuum sealer for food with double vacuum ports for sealing

This latest food saver vacuum sealer can vacuum pack the bag faster than others because it has two vacuum ports to make vacuum sealing.

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Products Detail
Our latest vacuum food sealer with two vacuum sealing ports
model no:best-m008
Voltage: 110-240V AC/50Hz 
Power: 100W
Vacuum sealing width: 30CM
vacuum index:-50kpa~-80kpa
Seal-up Time: 6-9 seconds
size: 40.8X20.1X8.7cm
net weight: 2kgs
Vacuum-pumping+Seal-up Time: 10-20 seconds

illustration of latest food vacuum sealer
3mm wide durable heating strip made of chromium alloy is installed into this food vacuum sealer, it can be replaced easily by yourself when necessary. 
Our vacuum sealer has acquired Euipo certificate of registratio for outer design. 
Product features:

1.With embedded MCU and smart IC pressure control technology, easy and convenient to achieve vacuum sealing
2.Easy to clean and safe for food storage, this latest food vacuum sealer is made of highest grade ABS housing featuring in superior heat resistance and excellent physical and mechanical properties.
3.If the temperature of heating wire exceeds its maximum load, the smart IC will send instructions to stop heating in order to make the working lifer longer.
4.with two vacuum ports for quicker vacuum pumping and sealing
5.with separated standard 2.5 meters power cables for safer connections and convenient replacement
6.easy to operate at standard industrial vacuum packing degree 25~63 Hg
7. embedded corer cutter for bag corner cutting, suitable for wet or dry packs
8.suitable for sterilization, moisture-proofness, oxidation, mildew-proofness, mothproofness and odour pollution prevention, with good quality and fresh storage 

food saver for vacuum package
about the structure of our latest vacuum sealer

vacuum seal operation

vacuum seal and packing demonstration

Effects of Food Vacuum Sealing on Shelf Life

Vacuum sealers preserve food 5-6 times longer than food stored in plastic bags or containers. The amount of time it will last depends on the type of food and whether it's stored in a refrigerator, freezer, or pantry.

 Frozen Food  Traditional Storage  Food Vacuum Sealing
 Beef & Poultry
 6 -12 months  2-3 years
 Fish  2-6 months  2 years
 Pork  4-6 months  2-3 years
 Soups, Stews, & Sauces  2-3 months  1-2 years
 Vegetables  8 months  2-3 years
 Fruit  6-12 months  2-3 years


 Refrigerated Food  Traditional Storage  Food Vacuum Sealing
 Beef & Poultry  1-2 days  2 weeks
 Fish  3 days
 1 week
 Pork  1-2 days  1 week
 Soups, Stews, & Sauces  3-4 days
 2-3 weeks
 Vegetables  2-7 days
 1-2 weeks
 Fruit  1-5 days
 1-2 weeks
 Cheese  1-2 weeks
 4-8 months


 Dry Food  Traditional Storage  Food Vacuum Sealing
 Coffee  2 weeks  1-2 years
 Cereal  2-3 months  6-12 months
 Flower, Rice, & Sugar  6 months  1-2 years
 Cookies & Crackers  1-2 weeks  3-6 weeks

To keep track of your food's freshness, write the date on the bag after you seal it. This will let you know how long it's been stored and how quickly it should be eaten.

Food Sealing Tips

There are a few additional ways to extend the shelf life of vacuum stored even further. First, prevent contamination by thoroughly cleaning and washing all of your food before you seal it. If you're sealing several different types of food, wipe down the counter after you prepare each one in order to prevent cross contamination. The fewer contaminates in your food, the longer it will last. This is especially important when you're sealing meats.


Meat should be washed, dried, and sealed as soon as you bring it home from the store. Be careful when sealing meat that contains jutting bones. Bones often have sharp edges and can tear the bag as you remove the air from it. If you have a sharp bone you can't remove the bone, cover it with a folded paper towel to prevent it from damaging the bag.


You can extend the shelf life of sealed vegetables by blanching them. To blanch a vegetable, place it into a pot of boiling water for 1-4 minutes. This will kill the bacteria living inside of it. Then remove the vegetable and place it immediately into a bowl of ice water. This halts the cooking process and keeps the vegetable from softening and losing its texture. Then drain the excess water and and seal as normal.

Barrier Storage

Though vacuum sealer bags are airtight, small leaks will develop when food is stored in them for a long time - several months or several years - and let in oxygen that will spoil your food. You can minimize this damage by placing your food in a freezer bag or, preferably, a Mylar bag after you seal it. This creates an extra barrier that minimizes air exposure. Mylar bags aren't transparent, so if you use them, write the type you're placing inside of it, along with the date.

Oxygen Absorbers

You can also offset the damage done by leaks by placing an oxygen absorber in the bag with your food. Oxygen absorbers are small packets of iron powder. The iron inside rusts when its exposed to oxygen, trapping oxygen molecules inside and keeping them away from your food. Oxygen absorbers won't affect the taste of your food. They're an especially good idea if you're sealing a whole turkey or chicken, as small amounts of air can often become trapped in the bird's body. Place a few inside the bird when you seal it to soak up any oxygen inside.


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  • handheld vacuum sealer for food with double vacuum ports for sealing
  • best-m008
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