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freezer vacuum seal
freezer vacuum sealer for snacks foods with vacuum pack bags

People enjoy our food vacuum sealer to keep their snacks in vacuum freshness when they are travelling.

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Products Detail
freezer vacuum sealer for snacks foods with vacuum pack bags
model no: best-m008

Important technical index:
Voltage: 110-240V AC/50Hz 
Power: 100W
Vacuum sealing width: 30CM
vacuum index:-50kpa~-80kpa
Seal-up Time: 6-9 seconds
Vacuum-pumping+Seal-up Time: 10-20 seconds
size: 40.8X20.1X8.7cm
net weight without box: 2kgs

imported motor is installed in our vacuum sealer
Our food vacuum sealer works quietly whose sound level is lower than 75db thanks to imported powerful brushless motor.

The food will be bad soon without vacuum sealing.
The above food are not vacuum packed, so they become smelly and ruined by bacteria very soon.

Preparation guidelines for vacuum sealing snack foods

Your snack food will matain their freshness longer after you vacuum seal them. For best results, use a separate canister or container in stead of textured roll bags for crushables like biscuits.
vacuum sealing the snacks by vacuum bags
The above food are vacuum sealed by textured bags.

Canister is used to vacuum seal the snacks.

Our vacuum sealer is widely suitable to vacuum seal any wet or dry snacks besides wine and clothes and quilts inside storage bags.

scenarios in vacuum sealing snacks

In the above application scenarios, people like our food vacuum sealers very much to keep their snacks lasting freshiness.

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  • freezer vacuum sealer for snacks foods with vacuum pack bags
  • best-m008
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