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food savers vacuum sealers
food storage vacuum sealer for vegetables and green cucumber

Our home vacuum sealer can reduce the nutrient loss of vegetables by  pumping the air out of vacuum bags.

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    silver or brown or white
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    7-30 days after confirmation on the order details
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    western union or T/T or L/C at sight
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food storage vacuum sealer for vegetables and green cucumber
model no: best-m008

household vacuum sealer to vacuum seal green vegetables:  

1.exclusive brushless motor and powerful piston pumps
2.Able to work with vacuum canister by pressing the canister button after closing the cover
3.110~240V/50Hz, 100W, Product size: 40.8X20.1X8.7cm
4.mini size vacuum sealer for 30cm wide or smaller bags and rolls 
5.fancy RoHS compliant ABS housings in different color matchs such as silver, brown and white 
6.fully automatic vacuum sealing system by pressing vacuum seal 
7.with a vacuum pressure upto -0.8Bar ( -50Kpa to -80Kpa) 
8.maximum sealing width is 30cm; 
9.sealing time:6-9s; 
10.vacuum sealing time:10-20 seconds; 

Important: Due to the risk of anaerobic bacteria, fresh mushrooms, onions,garlic should never vacuum packaged.

heating protection technology for our vacuum sealer
With heating protection, our vacuum sealer can stop heating after the cover is opened.

ultra silent vacuum sealer to vacuum seal vegetablesWith imported motor and and sound insulation chamber technology, our vacuum sealer can work very silently less than 70db or 60db in different environment. 
contrast between vegetables storage without vacuum packing and vacuum sealing In vacuum sealing status, the air pressure can keep the vegetables out of bacteria and fresh as much as possible.

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  • food storage vacuum sealer for vegetables and green cucumber
  • best-m008
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